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Tax advice tailored for the construction sector

As a business, you need advice that is geared to your company as well as to the industry you work in. Every sector is different. That is something that we understand clearly at Vandelanotte Accountants and so we have put together a separate team of specialists to work specifically on behalf of developers in the construction sector: the Vandelanotte Construction Team.

Companies operating in the building sector are subject to highly specific social and fiscal legislation with a number of different features, such as invoicing with 6% VAT, VAT paid by the other contracting party, consumer protection under the Residential Building Act and many others.

We will not only answer your questions on tax matters and social legislation in the construction sector, but also any concrete and practical issues regarding accountancy and auditing:

• Feasibility studies costing of a building project
• Working as a subcontractor or with subcontractors
• Invoicing for construction projects: 6% VAT, co-contractor invoicing, etc.
• Obligations and liability of contractors under the Breyne Act
• etc.

Calculating costs and profit margins

If you intend working on property building projects, you will also realise that plenty of calculating work awaits you before you can submit your price quote to your client. In particular, you will have to estimate the number of hours that you, your contractors and tradesmen will have to work for you. You will also need to calculate the purchases of building materials required and put a figure on the difference in the VAT rates between your purchases and your sales. You can also ask the specialists in the Vandelanotte Construction Team to prepare complex feasibility studies, any recalculations and profit computations.

Drafting a correct invoice for your building project

Especially in the construction sector that are lots of specific rules that relate to invoicing. For instance, when can you charge 6% VAT? How do things work with the mandatory 6% VAT certificate and accreditation as a contractor? And what does the VAT paid by the other contracting party mean exactly? This and many other tax-related questions will be answered by our specialists in terms and language that are crystal-clear for you.

Employees and social legislation

Working with employees or subcontractors also operates differently in the construction sector. Temporary employment contracts, collaborative contracts between contractors, bad weather clauses, etc. are all things that we can give you advice about. You can also rely on us to help if a social inspection is conducted at the site.

Contractor liability

As a contractor, you are liable for the works that you carry out on property under the Residential Building Act - and the financial risks involved should not be underestimated. In the construction sector in particular, the amounts that you have to advance or the balance you owe to the VAT-man can mount up quickly. You can always rely on our expertise to keep all of your risks to a minimum. We can advise you about finance and loans, as well as about the limited or shared liability that certain forms of company, such as a temporary partnership, can offer you.

Take advice!

Intend starting up as a contractor? Or are you already an experienced building professional looking to cover yourself better and improve your tax figures? Whatever you require, contact the Vandelanotte Construction Team to find out how we can work together to build for the future.

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