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French Desk

The border between neighboring countries France and Belgium is easily crossed by many companies and individuals. Nevertheless, by crossing the border, one has to deal with different laws.

The specialists of the French Desk of Vandelanotte assist both French and Belgian companies and individuals in their cross-border activities. Our cooperation with local partners in France makes us at Vandelanotte the ideal point of contact if you have cross-border related questions.

The French Desk of Vandelanotte will offer you guidance in the areas of:

  • Assistance with the launch of a Belgian or French company and layout of agreements
  • All VAT formalities, such as acting as liable representative or direct registration
  • Assistance with reorganization and restructuring
  • Various tax questions and tax rates
  • Optimizing your tax structures in your foreign company
  • Advice when buying a 2nd residence
  • International inheritance planning
  • ...

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News and seminars

Discussion about SCIs raises its head again
recent insight

Discussion about SCIs raises its head again

A new decision of the Court of Cassation once again leads to legal uncertainty regarding the tax treatment of income obtained by Belgian residents from a French 'translucent' SCI.

Companies must declare any direct or indirect payments it makes to persons located in 'tax havens' via a separate form in their corporate tax return.
recent insight

Expansion of the reporting obligation of payments to tax havens

Companies must declare any direct or indirect payments it makes to persons located in 'tax havens' via a separate form in their corporate tax return.

Health insurance
recent insight

Mandatory additional health insurance through the employer in France

As from 1 January 2016 French companies in the private sector must offer additional collective health insurance to all employees.

recent insight

Income from SCIs no longer subject to double taxation?

For years now, a discussion has been going on with the Belgian tax authorities regarding taxation on income from French SCIs.

recent insight

Are Belgian residents discriminated against when it comes to taxation on French dividends?

The French Council of State is of the opinion that Belgian residents receiving French dividends are being discriminated against compared to shareholders residing in France and receiving French dividends. By virtue of the double taxation treaty between France and Belgium, Belgian residents pay a withholding tax of 15% on French dividends they have received, and another 25 % taxation on dividends will be levied in Belgium. Read more...

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