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Vandelanotte presents a new service: Cyber Security and Data Protection

This article was written by Kurt Callewaert.
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Vandelanotte presents a new service: cyber security and data protection
Data is the new gold, protecting it our newest challenge!

We live in a digital society where we are confronted with new technologies more and more often. But a digital network has its advantages: information flows faster, knowledge is filtered quicker and innovation comes to the surface faster. The digital economy often leads to a higher productivity. But, this is where the first danger lies: information (or data). Indeed, data is the new gold. Which is why hackers try to steal that information by abusing the vulnerabilities in both computer systems and people.

In order to avoid these issues Vandelanotte has decided to broaden its range of services with a number of new services.

1. Cyber Security

Cyber security entails the measures and procedures necessary to guarantee the safety of information, in particular the continuity, integrity and availability thereof. The consequences of incidents must be limited to an acceptable level.

In order to do so, all hardware, software, networks, databases and data need to be mapped first. This is also known as asset assessment. Subsequently, possible threats that can make use of the vulnerabilities in the aforementioned assets are thoroughly investigated. We perform a risk assessment.

Following the aforementioned findings, a policy plan is established to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire organisation. The policy plan also contains an Incident Response Plan: everyone within the enterprise knows exactly what needs to happen in case a hacking occurs. The company's business is not interrupted.

2. Data Protection

Europe wants to protect the data privacy of its inhabitants. That is why it demands that all companies and liberal professions take the necessary precautions to better protect the personal details and, especially, sensitive (medical) data of their personnel, clients or patients by May 2018.

The Privacy Commission in Belgium will be reshaped into a regulator, and will send out inspectors to check if companies are actually taking the necessary precautions. Companies whose sensitive data is stolen, and who did not enforce a security policy, are at risk of receiving a hefty fine. This fine can reach up to 4% of their revenue.

Vandelanotte would be glad to help you establish your data security policy, in accordance with the provided European standards.

Would you like to receive more information regarding our new services? Then contact your relation manager or contact us via contact@vdl.be

This article was written by

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