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myVandelanotte: your accountancy digitized in your own customer portal

This article was written by Domien Claeys, Jelle Vanbecelaere.
Contact us for more info at contact@vandelanotte.be.
Vandelanotte has been playing the card of digitalisation for years, and is now allowing you to do the same. With myVandelanotte, you, as an entrepreneur, will be able to fully enjoy our professional services through your own online portal. All you'll have to do is submit your documents at regular intervals. Afterwards, you can easily use the portal and all its advantages!

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Why choose myVandelanotte?

Constant insight into figures

No more waiting for periodic reports or year-end closings. Now you can view a daily update of your figures in your personal portal. Not only liquidity but also customer credit and cost structure are now a few easy clicks away in your dashboards and reports.

Fully digital archive

Looking for a document? Now, you no longer have to search endlessly through your paper documents. We archive everything in a structured way for you so that you can view it online at all times. What's more, all data and documents are stored on our own secure servers. The confidentiality of your data is always respected and therefore not shared with third parties.

The ideal tool

The portal is more than a place to keep all your accounts. For you as an entrepreneur, it will become your tool of choice when you need to make decisions; for us as accountants, it will be the ideal way to provide you with (proactive) tailored advice.

What else does myVandelanotte have in store for the future?

  • Credit management: Monitoring your trade receivables has never been so easy!
  • Payment module: Pay your suppliers from the same environment in a single click!
  • Analytical processing: Seamlessly keep track of everything at project level!

Interested in this modular total solution? Feel free to contact us for more information or download our brochure. 
Download (pdf)myVandelanotte (brochure)

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