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Public Funding

Do you have innovative ideas? Do you have growth ambitions or wish to expand internationally? Is your way of working energy- and environmentally-conscious? If so, there may be some grants of interest to you on offer from the various government departments that could support your company in growing, transforming and innovating. Our specialists at Vandelanotte will help you to achieve greater innovation as well as international, social and sustainable growth, all thanks to personal advice on grant applications.


We can screen your activities and innovative plans and consider what grants may be of interest to you. Within our network of governments, research institutions and professional associations, we follow new trends closely. In addition, we are constantly looking into which developments are being promoted by the government. Our specialised knowledge of Flemish and European grant opportunities coupled with knowledge of your case means we can see which opportunities could apply to you.

Application and submission

If you are eligible for one or more grants, we will be happy to help you with the application and the preparation of your application file. From our experience, we are able to carry out a thorough and efficient evaluation of the chances of success of your application. Our network within the government also ensures that we always have the right information at our fingertips. That way, we avoid unnecessary risks and we save valuable time.

For which grants do you qualify?

As a business or organisation, you rely heavily on grants that are of interest to you. Depending on the plans you have in mind, you will find different opportunities below. Please get in contact with us, so we can look together at the opportunities.

Are you innovative?

• SME feasibility study
• SME innovation project
• R&D projects
• H2020

Would you like to invest?

• Strategic transformation support (investment)
• Increased tax deduction for investment

Do you want advice, training or recruiting?

• SME portfolio
• SME growth funding
• Strategic transformation support (training)
• European Social Fund (ESF)

Is your way of working energy- and environmentally-conscious?

• Ecology Premium Plus
• Energy grants for non-residential buildings
• Increased tax deduction for investment
• Commuter fund
• Environmental and Energy Technology Innovation Platform (MIP)

Do you have international ambitions?

• Flanders Investment and Trade
• SME growth funding
• Interreg
• H2020

Would you like more information on Public Funding?

Please contact one of our specialists.

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