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Legal advice tailored for businesses

1 point of contact for all your legal questions

With the Vandelanotte Legal team, no question of a legal nature is ever left unanswered. This strong, independent group is made up of various lawyers with specific areas of expertise and experience from the legal profession, notary practice or the accountancy and audit sectors. Our legal advisers are constantly fine-tuning their knowledge of company law through ongoing additional training and by consulting a range of databases. As a result, they are able to provide tax and/or legal advice quickly and accurately, tailored entirely to the rate of growth and specific features of your company.

Starting up your own business or establishing a company?

Every person in business has to deal with administrative, fiscal and legal obligations from the very outset of their entrepreneurial endeavours. For example, when you start a company, you have to have articles of association and a financial plan drawn up. You also need to register with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, apply for a VAT number - and so much more along the same lines.

For all of these steps along the way, you can rely on us for fiscal or legal advice, as well as for administrative support. The Vandelanotte Legal team is also backed by an efficient administrative team that is thoroughly familiar with all legal and administrative procedures and formalities. Tasks such as lodging annual financial statements, submitting minutes or handling publications in the Belgian Official Gazette are all part and parcel of their day-to-day tasks.

Growing together

Not only when you are establishing your company, but also during its everyday management, you will be required to deal with legal issues. This is another area where you can count on our assistance. For instance, we will guide you, step by step, with legal advice for the development of your business, as well as:

•    Assistance with contract discussions
•    Drawing up various agreements (sales and purchase agreements, hire and lease contracts, collaborative agreements, etc.)
•    Advice on restructuring
•    Conflict mediation
•    and many more

If necessary, we will even help you in court, but usually - and preferably - we can help you to avoid matters getting that far by reaching a negotiated settlement.

International aspirations?

Thanks to our membership of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), a leading international network of accountancy practices worldwide, we are also able to offer cross-border legal advice. This means that you have a single point of contact for both national and international legal consultancy.

And if the going gets tough

Reorganisation, application of the Continuity of Enterprises Act (Wet betreffende de continuiïteit van ondernemingen/Loi relative à la continuité des entreprises), court-ordered reorganisation, or possible bankruptcy, etc. You can also rely on us in these cases for correct and dependable legal advice.

What about your own personal safety?

Every business-owner is also linked to the company as a person. This means that the business also has an effect on personal life and there are numerous questions and issues that may arise regarding marriage contracts, the drafting of a care power of attorney, succession planning and the ultimate inheritance tax return itself. Here again we will guide you through the fiscal and legal details in order to work out a practical, achievable and healthy solution.

Our legal consultancy in a nutshell

Because we know your company through and through, we are able to tailor our legal advice totally within your current and future financial and fiscal capabilities. We provide directly usable advice that you can put to good use. Speed, customisation and confidentiality are the keywords that we apply at important times in the life of your business.

If you are currently troubled by a legal issue or would like to find out information that will enable you to avoid unnecessary headaches, get in contact with the Vandelanotte Legal Team and allow them to advise you!

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Christmas shopping over the Internet - is it possible to return unwanted items?

Throughout the year, Belgian consumers make a huge number of purchases online. It's possible that when your purchase is finally delivered, you might be disappointed and wished that you had never bought the item in the first place. What do you do then?

Legal framework for fiscal adjustment
recent insight

Legal framework for fiscal adjustment

On August 1 2016 the permanent system with regard to fiscal and social adjustment entered into force.

Luxembourg is no longer on the OECD list of 'tax havens'!

Luxembourg is no longer on the OECD list of 'tax havens'!

Companies must state payments which they carry out! If it is not declared, the payment is not deductible as a business expense.

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments
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Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Non-residents tax declaration
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Non-residents tax declaration

Natural persons working but not permanently residing in Belgium have to file a non-residents tax declaration. In order to do so, you must first register with the department for non-residents (Dienst Buitenland) of the Federal Public Service Finance using the standard registration form.

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