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HR Solutions

Are you getting the maximum out of your HR policy?

As a business, you know better than anyone that people are the heart of your company. But working with employees can cause many businesses all sorts of problems. Which is why having an efficient and carefully thought-through policy for your staff is so important, because only that way can you get the most out of your human resources and avoid any unnecessary headaches.

The HR specialists at Vandelanotte will advise you on a range of social and legal issues, giving you practical step-by-step guidance. You can also count on our support when it comes to recruiting suitable staff, motivating and assessing employees, applying for and optimising employment premiums and wages costs, advice about dismissing or taking on workers, as well as all of the other facets related to a sound HR policy.

Vandelanotte HR Solutions is a genuine one-stop shop for advice about personnel and how to organise staff. We will use our 360° approach to deal with your growth challenges with you.

Accreditations in HR policy

Vandelanotte HR Solutions has a number of accreditations. In addition to being a partner of Jobpunt Vlaanderen, we are a certified member of Federgon and are also accredited as a career centre with the VDAB.

Staff recruitment

Recruitment & Selection
We can give you total assistance when it comes to recruiting staff. Drafting to-the-point job ads, selecting appropriate publication channels and applying the correct selection methods are just some of the tools that we use to attract the right candidates for the right job.

Testing & Assessment Centre

With our integrated advice, based on in-depth, skills-focused interviews and qualitative tests, you can be sure that you are taking the right decisions.

Social documents

Our HR experts will revise your employment-related documents to turn them into workable, up-to-date and legally correct documents that comply with all statutory requirements.

Motivating and coaching staff

Development Centre

Focusing on the knowledge and talents of your current employees gives both you and your staff a definite advantage. The end result is a useful coaching tool for gearing your HR policy towards personal developmental points and aspirations. This targeted approach also has a beneficial effect on health-related absenteeism and staff turnover or churn.

Career guidance

Is there more to you or your employees than can be seen from your day-to-day work? For anyone looking for more enjoyment and fulfilment from their job, or with any doubts about their future 'career pathway', asking for career guidance is definitely to be recommended. Using interviews and exercises, we focus on the current and required career situation, as well as on people's skills and personal goals. Career coaching delivers clear insights that make taking complex career decisions a good deal easier.

If you are an employer and would like to promote 'career vouchers' as a tool to your employees, then click here for more information.

Assessment policy

Vandelanotte HR Solutions will tailor an assessment system for you and also assist you in the evaluation interviews you conduct with your employees.

Optimising pay policy

If you want to outline a competitive policy on pay, optimise your wage costs from a tax point of view, look at alternative remuneration methods and combine pay with employment premiums to the best effect, etc., then our HR advisers can also save you a great deal of money.

From strategic concept to change management

As an experienced and neutral party, Vandelanotte HR Solutions is well placed to assist you on a whole range of HR topics. For example, we will help you to develop an achievable HR policy to cover restructuring, implementing change management or mediating in a staff dispute.

Advice on pensions or dismissing staff

Advice on redundancies & outplacement

Our experts will give you sound legal advice when staff have to be made redundant, ranging from the exit interview right through to full redundancy arrangements. We will also provide guidance in the search for new job opportunities via outplacements and by giving dismissed employees personalised and intensive assistance.

End of career

Vandelanotte HR Solutions can guide you through the ins and outs of pension legislation. We can work together to determine the ideal time to retire - both for the employee and for your company.

HR policy at an organisational level

Optimising the structure of the organisation

Our input also includes: drawing up clearly laid out organisation charts, developing unambiguous job descriptions and assembling specific teams and work groups - all in line with your overall business strategy.   

Employment-related legal advice & social inspections

Our specialists in employment law carefully monitor developments in social legislation and maintain close contacts with the various government departments and inspectorates. We will also support you in word and deed when it comes to social inspections.

Optimising social audits

To what extent does you HR policy comply with legal requirements and are you already making use of all of the possible fiscal and social optimisation opportunities provided by our lawmakers? Vandelanotte HR Solutions will be happy to examine this for you on request.   

Transfer of family businesses

When a family business is being transferred to the next generation, careful preparation is essential. Ensuring there is close guidance on the various disciplines involved in a transfer is not a superfluous luxury. Even separate from succession issues, our practical advice in drawing up a family charter can help promote a harmonious balance between family, business and individual.   

Guidance within your organisation

Can't see the woods for the trees? If you would like, Vandelanotte HR Solutions can also take on all or part of the practical side of developing your HR policy and wages administration for you. Remember: our services are always designed to meet your wishes.

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News and seminars

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments
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Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Non-residents tax declaration
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Non-residents tax declaration

Natural persons working but not permanently residing in Belgium have to file a non-residents tax declaration. In order to do so, you must first register with the department for non-residents (Dienst Buitenland) of the Federal Public Service Finance using the standard registration form.

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France not allowed to levy social contributions on surplus value and income from rent

France has been told off by the European Court of Justice. In its decision of 26 February 2015 the Court stated that persons not falling under the French social security system, but under that of another EU member state, cannot be subject to French social contributions. Read more...

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Income from SCIs no longer subject to double taxation?

For years now, a discussion has been going on with the Belgian tax authorities regarding taxation on income from French SCIs.

Health insurance
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Mandatory additional health insurance through the employer in France

As from 1 January 2016 French companies in the private sector must offer additional collective health insurance to all employees.

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