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Corporate Finance

Whether you are talking about a take-over, a merger, new finance or the selling off of an activity or part of the business, what it is all about is money, and often a great deal of money. This makes it important to have an advisor from Vandelanotte Corporate Finance at your side, discretely helping you to watch over the outcome of your deal. Maybe the deal of a lifetime.

Integrated approach

The Vandelanotte Corporate Finance Team can draw on decades of experience with mergers and acquisitions in medium sized enterprises. Thanks to this experience and the expertise of our staff, we can illuminate the financial, legal, fiscal, insurance and social law aspects of your project. You can come to us with any question, confident that we will cover every last detail.

Buyer Services

Due diligence
Before you take the step of signing letters of intention, we can produce a concise preliminary "due diligence" report, providing you with initial information on the potential risks of a proposed takeover. Once the intention to purchase is confirmed we will follow up with a full due diligence investigation, with our specialised team putting every aspect of the prospective purchase under the microscope.

Legal advice & support
Sound legal agreements are a crucial aspect of a smooth takeover. Our Corporate Finance team are fully experienced and qualified to handle all aspects of a take-over. We will make sure that all the financial, social and fiscal aspects are clearly and correctly set out in the contract documents.

Post acquisition
Vandelanotte Corporate Finance will also assist you when the takeover is complete, so that the new acquisition is smoothly reoriented and integrated into your existing structure. We promise to deal swiftly and effectively with the risks identified within the company.

Seller Services

Reading your business
Proper preparation is essential when selling a business. Penetrating analyses of the financial figures, the operational procedures and the workforce are crucial both in fixing the eventual price and in determining the guarantees to be provided. We will ensure that the risk profile of your business is reduced as far as possible, and that you as the vendor are able to present a prospective purchaser with a properly supported statement of accounts.

We take full account of your market position and strategy when calculating the asking price, so you can be sure of receiving fair and accurate recompense for the value of your business.

Corporate Financing

Securing credit
Growth and innovation are the lifeblood of your business, and sufficient affordable credit is of the essence here. Our Corporate Finance Team can prepare a persuasive dossier on your behalf, speeding the progress of the subsequent negotiations.

Private Equity
Attracting risk capital can be essential to improving your company's liquidity or achieving your ambitions for the future. Vandelanotte Corporate Finance will be delighted to help you in working out a structured vision for the future and preparing a solid business plan, making it easier for you to persuade partners to pump fresh capital into the business.

Corporate Assistance

Finance isn't the only important aspect of your business. The working atmosphere, the workflow and internal monitoring are also important foundations for growth. Vandelanotte Corporate Finance can help you in optimalising your financial procedures and processes and also in identifying the risks affecting your business before they can impact on your future.

International advice

Vandelanotte are part of The Leading Edge Alliance, a highly regarded worldwide alliance of accountancy practices, equipping us to provide sound advice on cross-border projects.
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Luxembourg is no longer on the OECD list of 'tax havens'!

Luxembourg is no longer on the OECD list of 'tax havens'!

Companies must state payments which they carry out! If it is not declared, the payment is not deductible as a business expense.

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments
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Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Non-residents tax declaration
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Non-residents tax declaration

Natural persons working but not permanently residing in Belgium have to file a non-residents tax declaration. In order to do so, you must first register with the department for non-residents (Dienst Buitenland) of the Federal Public Service Finance using the standard registration form.

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France not allowed to levy social contributions on surplus value and income from rent

France has been told off by the European Court of Justice. In its decision of 26 February 2015 the Court stated that persons not falling under the French social security system, but under that of another EU member state, cannot be subject to French social contributions. Read more...

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Income from SCIs no longer subject to double taxation?

For years now, a discussion has been going on with the Belgian tax authorities regarding taxation on income from French SCIs.

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