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Your company auditor looks at more than just your figures

Thinking about an acquisition, restructuring or merger? Do the bank, government, other partners and/or your investors want to be reassured first with up-to-date figures or certified annual accounts before they will grant you financing or be willing to work with your company? Having an audit conducted by an accredited company auditor gives you a crystal-clear picture of your company's current financial position and its future potential.

In particular, a company auditor will provide official certification that your annual financial statements are a faithful reflection of the figures for your company, as well as its results for the financial year. An audit also gives you a firm base for your business plans or, looked at another way, a clear picture of the financial health of your future business partners.

What the Vandelanotte company audit practice can mean for you

At Vandelanotte, we have eight accredited company auditors standing by to conduct this type of audit for you. And with us, you will always be able to count on having a permanent contact person. This makes communication easier and also ensures that your sensitive company information is dealt with in total confidence.

What's more, your company auditor will not just check your figures, but also give you strategic advice for making well-grounded choices and optimising your financial situation. With more than 20 years of auditing experience, we are also able to benchmark your company accurately, allowing you to compare your figures with similar companies in your sector.

We also make sure that any reporting required by law, such as in the event of restructuring, contributions in kind, mergers, splits or liquidations, is submitted accurately and on time to the relevant authorities, as it should. And if the auditor comes across any irregularities, we will then work with you to find an appropriate solution.

Smooth handling of statutory obligations

You can also rely on the services of your Vandelanotte company auditor for statutory accounting inspections. For example to check the business and financial information to be issued to the company works council and for audits on pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals and medical teaching institutions, etc. We also have the expertise and experience required to assess damage to stocks and loss of profit after a fire.

ERDF audits

Vandelanotte Company Auditors is also an accredited auditor for the ERDF. We can attribute this accreditation by the European Regional Development Fund mainly to our extensive experience in the area of ERDF audits, as well as to our clear vision where, in addition to auditing pure figures, close attention is also paid to the content-related monitoring of projects.

Our task as an ERDF auditor will consist of certifying the expenditure of Flemish project partners (towns, universities, non-profit organisations, etc.) for the European Commission for programmes running from 2014 to 2020.

Our auditing services at a glance

Your Vandelanotte auditor will advise and guide you through a wide range of matters:

• Audit assignments
o Auditing consolidated or statutory annual accounts
o Reporting to the Works Council
o Accredited auditors for insurance companies and pension funds
o Contributions in kind or quasi-contributions
o Changes of company form or corporate purpose
o Company winding-up proceedings
o Mergers, splits or associated transactions

• Miscellaneous certifications
o Loss valuations
o Independent evaluation of financial and economic disputes
o Agreed upon procedures
o Green Dot reporting
o Certifications to the European Parliament, VIPA, covenants for banks, etc.

• Business studies
o Investment studies
o Company valuations
o Assessment of internal audit procedures with an eye to improvements

• Financial management
o Financial analysis
o Cash flow planning & analysis
o Drawing up business plans and/or dashboards
o Guidance for management buy-ins or buy-outs, acquisitions, mergers, splits, etc.

Need an auditor?

Simply contact us so that we can discuss your needs and our services in detail.

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Would you like more information on Audit?

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Tax audit on insurance transactions

International companies that have an establishment in Belgium are currently being contacted by the service Various Taxes with the announcement of an audit.

Luxembourg is no longer on the OECD list of 'tax havens'!

Luxembourg is no longer on the OECD list of 'tax havens'!

Companies must state payments which they carry out! If it is not declared, the payment is not deductible as a business expense.

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments
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Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Business travel abroad: allocate tax-free per diem payments

Non-residents tax declaration
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Non-residents tax declaration

Natural persons working but not permanently residing in Belgium have to file a non-residents tax declaration. In order to do so, you must first register with the department for non-residents (Dienst Buitenland) of the Federal Public Service Finance using the standard registration form.

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France not allowed to levy social contributions on surplus value and income from rent

France has been told off by the European Court of Justice. In its decision of 26 February 2015 the Court stated that persons not falling under the French social security system, but under that of another EU member state, cannot be subject to French social contributions. Read more...

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